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The power of becoming: Why opting to Matter unleashes your creative Force

Becoming isn't just a word; it's a profound and transformative journey. A quest.

Becoming is a story of movement, progress, and daring to matter.

Within this narrative lie two distinct aspects: BE - the art of self-mastery, and COMING - the art of kinetic-mastery. In this blog, we will explore these concepts and delve into the inward quest to unlock your creativity and forge a career that leaves a meaningful and beautiful mark on the world.

A creative professional on a quest of becoming to release her creative force

The Art of Self-Mastery

BE is about embracing who we are in this world and cultivating a deep sense of self. It involves delving into our being, exploring our identity, and embracing authenticity and presence. By recognising our ego-driven aspects, we can consciously choose the higher path of essence, prioritising personal growth over selfish desires. It is living with the awareness of our presence, feeling valued, and actively seeking to make personal meaning in all that we do.

Through self-mastery, we learn to navigate the complexities of our emotions and thoughts, gaining a deeper understanding of ourselves. It requires self-reflection, introspection, and a willingness to confront our fears and limitations. By embarking on this path, we create a solid foundation that empowers us to embark on the journey of becoming.

The Art of Kinetic-Mastery

COMING is the dynamic aspect of our becoming journey. It encompasses how we engage with the world, emphasising movement, action, progress, and creativity. Unlike BE, which focuses on who we are, COMING is about how we are in this world. It propels us forward, encouraging us to embrace change and seek new experiences.

To master the art of kinetic-mastery is to adopt a non-stationary mindset—one that embraces curiosity, innovation, and adventure. It encourages us to break free from our comfort zones and explore uncharted territories. COMING is about constant motion, both physically and intellectually. It is the act of pushing boundaries, challenging norms, and embracing the freedom to create our own paths.

The Quest for Becoming

The journey of becoming is an inward quest—a profound exploration of our own creativity and its potential impact on the world. It's an opportunity to unlock the hidden talents and passions that lie within us, waiting to be unleashed. By embarking on this transformative journey, we embark on a path to fuel a career that is not only successful but also meaningful and beautiful.

Creativity is the result when we opt to matter, and decide to make personal meaning ~ Eric Maisel

To embark on the quest for becoming, we invite you to join us in the immersive experience of BECOMING.QUEST. This 10-week learning adventure is designed to guide you from finding your feet to becoming a confident, creative force. Through a series of engaging video content and a scheduled pop-up newsletter, we will provide valuable insights and knowledge directly to your inbox.

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Simply register before the closing date and gain access to a wealth of resources that will help you build your skills and expand your network. was designed to help creative professionals unleash their inner creative force
Becoming.Quest hosts: Lukas de Beer & Mynhardt van Pletsen

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Becoming isn't just a word. It's a transformative quest that encompasses self-mastery and kinetic-mastery. This quest is your invitation to unleash your creative force.

Join Mynhardt van Pletsen and myself as we embark on this exciting journey of becoming and unleash authentic creative passion.

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