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You can call it Life Coaching, Business Coaching, Executive Coaching, Performance Coaching or Results Coaching.


But, we're not neatly segregated beings.


We're messy humans.


Overlapping love and life. Money and business. Kids and meeting. Dreams and expectations.

These aspects of our lives inevitably collide.

That's why I call it SmartCoaching. It's all of the above.


I've designed 6 coaching journeys to meet you where you're at.  

There's also a 7th option. Specifically designed for most people who don't quite know what they want. They just intuitively know they have to do something. 

Have a look and let's connect.

By the way, I offer a free discovery call (about 15min) to help you make the right choice.

Use it.

A picture of a woman metaphorically smashing her self-limiting beliefs after enrolling for Smart Coaching with Lukas de Beer.



They’re expensive. Costing you more than just money.


Also your career.


I bet even relationships.


Living with self-limiting beliefs is like living with an anxious nanny. She’s always checking up on you. Making sure you live your life small. And safe. She forces you to stay inside. But your adventurous heart yearns for the unexplored, great outdoors.

Listen, you’re all grown up now.


Isn’t it time you fire the nanny?


Imagine, living without limits. Free to live. Free to choose. Free to be.


In this laser-focused, 6-session, SmartCoaching offensive, you’ll discover;


  • your limiting beliefs were really just deceptive defence mechanisms

  • to smash them, is way easier than you think

  • once they’re smashed, we easily replace them with life-bringing, hope-swinging empowering beliefs


Time to get excited – life beckons!



Ever played a game and got stuck on a certain level? No matter what, you can’t move forward. You’re stuck. Like a real life Groundhog Day. You’re stuck. Like a real life Groundhog Day. You’re stuck. Like a real life Groundhog Day. You’re stuck. Like a real life Groundhog Day. You’re stuck. Like a real life Groundhog Day. You're stuck.

A picture of a woman who learned to change her emotional state after enrolling for Smart Coaching with Lukas de Beer. Learning to deal with your physiology, what you focus on and how you speak to yourself are key things in managing your emotions and emotional state. That's what she learned through her coaching journey.
Supe State

A miserable state to be in.


But, what if you could learn how easy it is to change your state? And when that happens, you change too.

Ready to unlock a new level?


In this epic, 12-session, heart-focused SmartCoaching journey, you’ll discover:


  • how your words shape your reality

  • how your physical state impacts your emotions

  • how your mental focus directs your energy

  • how you can instantly choose to live in a beautiful state

  • how to transform debilitating feelings into invigorating friends


You can create your super state. It’s starts with a quality decision.

Picture of a woman navigating her life metaphorically after enrolling for Smart Coaching with Lukas de Beer. She battled feelings of overwhelm and couldn't manage her time effectively. Now she's learned how to be clear on her outcomes to be successful and she has more time than before.





If only you had more, right? 


Overwhelm comes standard in a world where we're connected to everyone, and everything, 24/7.

Hey! If you don't plan your time, someone else will. 

But imagine for a moment - what if you could free up time and pursue what's truly significant for you? 


Some wish for this. Others make it happen.


Carpe Diem baby. You've got this.


Chart a 12-session SmartCoaching adventure, and discover:


  • how to do a time analysis and free up time (more than you thought you had)

  • how to identify and create critical areas of development

  • how to envision and implement dreams and goals that fire you up!

  • how to navigate and prioritise your life - personal and professional

  • the importance and value of time, and how you can create magic memories by being present in the moment.


You're the captain of your soul. No one else.

This is a picture of Adriaan Buys who enrolled in Smart Coaching with Lukas de Beer. Adriaan gives his testimonial about how coaching has made a significant impact in his life helping him to fulfil his potential.

"Now and then, we all need a little push to fulfil our potential. 


Lukas’ immense experience and continued training, together with his passion, make him a great coach.


The coaching process Lukas used made a significant difference in my life.


I will be forever grateful".

Adriaan Buys, Cape Town, Green Strategy Consultant and founder of Conservation Mag



Plunge. Explore. Discover.


Sadly, most people never do. They simply live out their existence in quiet surrender to what could have been.


Not you though. 

Image of a diver metaphorically taking a deep dive into his life and personality. Learning what his defense mechanisms are, what his core motivators are and how his personal life and professional life influence each other. He enrolled for Smart Coaching with Lukas de Beer.
Deep Dive

You're curious. You want to understand. You intuitively know, 'there's more to me'.


And you're right. There is.


Connect the dots. Understand what truly drives you. What scares you. What energises you.


In this titanic 6-month, 18-session SmartCoaching deep dive, you’ll discover:


  • how to identify and hold the tension in your personal and professional life

  • what are your core drivers of behaviour and thinking

  • what are your protective patterns (which normally keep you stuck)

  • how your personal life affects your professional life - and vice versa

  • that your personality is simply your operating system and how to change it

  • how to create true meaning in your life

  • how to deepen relationships

  • how to connect the dots between how you feel and what you see happen in your life


Know thyself.

Image of a woman reclaiming her radiance by tapping into her feminine energy after enrolling for Smart Coaching with Lukas de Beer.



You were made to shine.

To radiate.

To captivate.

To notice the little things in life and make them big.

To nurture the fledgeling things and make them soar. 

To show compassion and demonstrate the healing power of pure emotion.

But something happened. 

Reclaiming Radiance

The spark is gone.

In stead of feeling intuitive you've become bitchy. In stead of flowing in your courageous strength you feel weakened. Enervated. Powerless.

You feel out of touch with your essence and you can see how your close and intimate relationships are slowly falling apart.

Reclaiming your captivating feminine energy is entirely possible.

Light the fire.


In this heart-gripping 6-session SmartCoaching sojourn, you’ll uncover:


  • the transformative power of your feminine essence

  • the core differences between feminine and masculine energies

  • how you assume masculine energy when your man doesn't man up!

  • the critical importance of polarity in a relationship

  • why your energy can fade over time to become neutral

  • how to reclaim your feminine beauty through your body

  • how to radiate openness, intuition, beauty, and flow


Oh yes! Time to shine.



You feel like a drifter. 

No focus.

Your anger is out of hand and your resentment runs deep.

Toxic inner conflict sets the daily tone of your thoughts.


Above all, why do you doubt yourself so much? 

Image of a man with his daughters and kissing his wife, pursuing his powerful masculine energy by learning to practice presence after he enrolled for Smart Coaching with Lukas de Beer.
Pursuing Presence

It's like the engine is running, but you're not ready to kick things into gear.

This inner conflict presents itself as attempts to domineer, to control, and cower to the ego's needs.

You need a mission. You need direction. And a good kick on the ass.


In this no-nonsense 6-session SmartCoaching bootcamp, you’ll discover:


  • your essential power lies in being present

  • you were made to have a vision and be on a mission in life

  • you were designed to conquer, not cower

  • your need to stand on your own two feet and be independent

  • why it's critically important for men to have 'time out!' every day

  • how being present, unlocks a woman's essential energy


Yeah. Time to man up!

Two men playing chess, this picture is a metaphor for making good decisions in life. The quality of our decisions determine the quality of our lives is what Tony Robbins had to say on the matter. This person enrolled for Smart Coaching with Lukas de Beer and explored many aspects of his life, including relationships, finances and finding meaning.



In the game of life we're not always sure what the next move should be.

Could be a business decision.

Maybe something to do with relationships.

Or maybe you feel like life is boring and has lost its mojo.

All perfectly fine reasons to want someone to help you think it through.


Let's figure things out for you.


In these explorative sessions, we'll use SmartCoaching to figure out:


  • why you feel the way you feel in your life, work, or relationship

  • where exactly do you find yourself in life at the moment

  • how would you rather feel and

  • what would fire you up into action


Sometimes, to wonder is a great thing. It can lead to many new adventures.

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