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Stuck In The Metaverse With My Metaself

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

My metaself is in constant need of upgrading.

I notice that I'm due for an upgrade when my experience of reality becomes blurry, intermittent, and disconnected.

My metaself is effective though, and helps to keep things as they should be, people where they ought to be, and my metaself where I want to be: in the middle of everything.

Granted, my metaself is self-focused and mostly self-serving.

My metaself is the visual manifestation of my internal operating system, my metaverse. This in turn is a complex system of beliefs, rules, internal policies and agreements, IFTTT protocols, self-analysis tools, defense mechanisms, avoidance protocols, ideations, perceptions, opinions, and so forth, all geared toward keeping my metaself happy, comfortable, and in control.

However, my metaself also keeps me stuck in the patterns that rule me.

Unhealthy patterns that repeat themselves throughout my life.

Patterns that impact relationships - making the same mistakes over and over.

Patterns that impact my finances, keeping me blinded to my negative thinking and limiting beliefs.

Patterns, essentially, that keep me under control so the metaverse maintains the status quo.

These patterns play out in my metaself. Very often I'm not aware of them. Another effective protocol: stealth mode, enabled by my operating system. Yet those around me suffer the consequences of this system. They see it, feel it and experience it, even when I don't. This is when my blind spot becomes a stumbling block-chain.

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will
~ Romans 12:2

The metaverse and metaself is simply our ego structure - often called the ego. A clever structure devised to keep us safe and acceptable in this world. We develop these as kids and they remain with us until death. Unless, of course, we decide to upgrade.

Does it really make sense to still use an ego structure and defense system developed when you were a child, in you thirties or forties...or seventies? Many people still do. On the surface, what others see play out in my metaself, is immaturity. We also call it childishness. Some people grow old but don't grown up.

Your ego is who you think you are, and who you think other people think you are
~ Richard Rohr

Upgrading your operating system has something to do with what Paul said in his letter to the Romans.

Don't conform.

Don't take on the same pattern.

Don't follow the same rules.

The metaself is all too eager to conform to the patterns of this world because it keeps us cosy and hypnotised in a bubble of comfort.

Sin is essentially repeating a pattern that keeps you from becoming who you truly are.

It's really difficult to figure out who I truly am - to 'be able to test and approve what God's will is' when I'm running on autopilot with a very effective metaverse system, coding and directing my behaviour and thinking.

Moving from metaself to true-self

Begin to notice

Simply notice how your metaself functions in different situations.

How are you in the world when you're experiencing financial challenges?

How are you in the world when you're with certain people who irritate you?

Notice that you're irritated.

What's your metaself like when someone pulls up alongside you with a newer model car than yours? Notice your reaction.

What's your metaself like when your child doesn't make the Top 10 in the class for academics or loses her race?

Simply, notice.

Become aware

Noticing takes some time.

TIP: Keep a journal of what you're noticing and see what's emerging after a couple of weeks.

Noticing also leads to awareness. You now begin to see what's really going on and how you are in different situations. What you sound like, look like, think and present.

You become aware of your patterns.

You begin to see through your metamask.

You begin to understand how your metaverse operates.

Awareness leads to truth.


Get practical.

Actively engage in a practice that upgrades your operating system.

IMPORTANT: The point is not to improve your operating system, but to become aware of it - to expose it - to be less entrenched in it, freeing you up to move from your META-self to your TRUE-self.

Some people pray.

Some people meditate.

Some people write.

Some people run.

Some people work in their garden.

Some people create things.

Some people help others.

Some people cook.

Some people read.

Some people go out into nature.

Some people allow themselves to fail.

Some people allow themselves to be helped.

Some people allow themselves to be loved.

Some people allow themselves to be vulnerable.

Some people allow themselves to be brave and courageous.

Some people do a combination of the above.

What works for you?

Which of the above will bring you to a place of noticing what's happening on the inside?

What will help you to discern the good, pleasing, and perfect will of God for your life?

Leave a comment of what helped you move from META to TRUE.

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