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Where Business Coaching Meets NeuroScience

Building Resilience from the Top Down

Smart Coaching combines applied neuroscience with proven coaching methodologies to build resilience from the top down.


By empowering leaders with the skills and knowledge to manage stress, improve focus, and navigate challenging situations effectively, we create a ripple effect of well-being throughout your organisation.

Five Science-backed Benefits

Corporate leaders and organisations can expect to see a range of benefits from our program

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Reduced risk of burnout and mental illness among leaders

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Improved decision-making and problem-solving abilities

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Increased innovation and creativity within the organization

Successful Work Team


A more positive and productive work environment

New Hires


Enhanced employee engagement and retention

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"Understanding how the brain works helps leaders to better understand how processing information, problem- solving and making decisions impact those around us. Dr Etienne’s easy, conversational style of delivery and engagement makes the acquisition of knowledge and ability to apply simple and realistic"

Liesl C Petersen

Group HR: Leadership and Management Development Specialist: Nedbank

Why Smart Coaching?

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, leaders face mounting pressure to deliver results while navigating complex challenges.

These pressures can have a significant impact on their mental and emotional well-being. This program is designed to equip leaders with the skills and strategies they need to build resilience and thrive in the face of adversity.


We offer a unique blend of services designed to address the specific needs of corporate leaders

Motivational Speaker

MASTERCLASS | High Performance Leadership

A comprehensive program that deep dives into five key performance domains rooted in neuroscience principles. This masterclass provides leaders with a strong foundation in the science of building resilience.


Individual Coaching Sessions

Personalised coaching sessions to help leaders integrate the learnings from the masterclass into their daily routines and decision-making processes. Our coaches provide ongoing support and guidance to ensure leaders are able to implement sustainable change.

Group Meeting

Group Coaching Sessions

Peer-to-peer learning and support groups specifically designed for corporate leaders. These sessions provide a safe space for leaders to share challenges, exchange best practices, and hold each other accountable for their progress.

Is it Scalable?

Absolutely. Our program is designed to be scalable across organizations of all sizes. We offer a variety of engagement options to suit the specific needs of your leadership team, from individual coaching to group workshops.

NeuroScience Concepts

Our program leverages scientifically-backed concepts from applied neuroscience to inform our coaching interventions. These concepts include:

High-Performance Rhythms:

Understanding how to regulate brainwave patterns to optimize performance and mental clarity.


Building strong relationships and fostering a sense of community within the organization.

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Energy Management:

Strategies for maintaining peak energy levels throughout the workday.


Encouraging creative problem-solving and fostering a culture of innovation.


Developing a growth mindset and embracing change as an opportunity.

By applying these principles, we help leaders build the mental fortitude necessary to navigate uncertainty, overcome challenges, and drive positive change within their organizations.

About Us

Dr. Etienne van der Walt

Etienne is an accomplished neurologist and an authority in applied behavioral neuroscience. He is the founder of Neurozone®, a neuroscience-based business dedicated to applying brain science, analytics, and coaching to enhance human capacity.

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Lukas de Beer

Lukas holds an MPhil in Management Coaching and worked as a Tony Robbins International Results Coach. With more than 12 years of coaching experience, he helps clients achieve breakthrough results. He’s an Enneagram practitioner and a published author in the creative field.

Next Steps.

Are you ready to build a more resilient and successful leadership team? Contact us to discuss your specific needs and explore how our program can help your leaders thrive in a changing world.

Contact us today for a custom Smart Coaching solution:

Lukas de Beer | +27 82 822 7321 |

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