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In 2022 I learned these 5 things

Looking back over the year - so many challenges and disappointments. But also, so many incredible people, moments, and opportunities that I’m deeply grateful for.

We can easily take things for granted. And then miss what was right in front of us. Life is full of gifts, every single day.

Top 5 things I’ve learned this year:

1. Waiting. In a battle between the true and false self, nothing kills the ego quicker than having to wait, patiently. Previously I would rush in and fix things immediately, bringing instant relief. Usually these were not quality decisions. Waiting brings clarity. Then action.

2. I learned - again, that being in control is simply an illusion. There are things beyond my sphere of control and influence that remind me I’m not in control. Do I seize control by force? Not this year. I surrendered. And waited. Not easy.

3. I can draw hope from the past. I used to be fixated on figuring out the future, making plans and controlling things. It’s good, but not true security. Looking back and seeing how graciously God has been guiding me through the years - in spite of my own efforts - all grace.

4. Be authentic. Just being simply me is okay - and enough. Many many years I believed the opposite - leading to even worse decisions. Authenticity brings a certain calmness and acceptance of what is. And that’s perfectly fine. No need to act out a script.

5. Giving is better than receiving. My capacity to give is way bigger than my ego would have me believe. Giving money and stuff is good. Giving time, love, attention, focus, and hope is better. It’s a win-win. Of course, all of this, once again, is simply grace.

Yes, overflowing with gratitude today.

May you and your loved ones experience a blessed Christmas and discover countless things to be grateful for.

What did 2022 teach you?

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