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What If You're Stronger Than You Know?

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

The way we think, how we feel, and what we believe impacts how we are in the world.

In a big way it creates and shapes our reality.

It affects us mostly negatively, because we're running on outdated software.

It's immobilising and makes us feel inadequate and weak.

But, what if you're stronger than you think?

Thoughts are powerful things.

Thoughts determine your state of being.

Solomon the Wise concisely said as a man thinks in his heart, so is he, or she.

I remember way back in Psych101 one of the first questions we were asked to think about was this: does language determine thought or does thought determine language?

What I know now is the way you speak to yourself impacts tremendously what you think about yourself.

Self-talk is key in either self-encouragement or self-criticism. In turn it leads to either self-development or self-destruction.

What if you're stronger than you think?

Thoughts can be changed.

Language can be transformed.

We don't think ourselves into new ways of living, we live ourselves into new ways of thinking ~ Richard Rohr.

What if you're stronger than you feel?

Feelings are equally powerful things.

Feelings fuel state of being.

We thrive on the energy that is unleashed by emotions and feelings.

We constantly feel. Some feelings are easier to feel than others, like joy or anger.

Other feelings are heavier. Deeper. Scarier.

What you resist, persists.

Sometimes we need to let go and just feel. Allow emotions that scare us. Wade into the waters of avoidance.

What if you're stronger than you feel?

You have feelings, but you are not your feelings.

Your emotions are not your identity.

What if you're stronger than you believe?

Beliefs are fundamental things.

Beliefs are like anchors to which our lives are tethered on the surface.

We rarely see the anchor or even question its existence.

But it's there. Keeping us from moving. Keeping us stationary. Year in and year out.

Most beliefs limit us. Inhibit us.

It's there to protect us, ironically.

Beliefs are what we believe the truth to be and we guard it as such.

What you believe about yourself determines how you are in the world.

What if you're stronger than you believe?

You can discover your truth.

You can question your beliefs.

You can exchange your limiting beliefs for empowering beliefs.

Let's get practical


Your thoughts when you're feeling down, depressed or anxious. What are you thinking about?


Shifting your thoughts by shifting your focus


Write down 10 things that you are grateful for. This is an anchoring exercise that grounds us back in reality.

Let me know in the comments below how this works for you. Or, please share how you do it.

You have what you need to upgrade your mental, emotional, and spiritual software.

You're stronger.

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