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The OS Metaphor: Upgrading Your Soul with the Enneagram

Like your Smartphone, your soul too has an operating system. Although, it doesn't come standard. It is developed as a protective and defensive mechanism when we are kids.

The problem?

We're not kids anymore.

Ever seen a grown-up throwing a tantrum? Yes. Still running the same software. We fall into familiar patterns and wonder why we're not able to change. Every operating system has a predetermined outcome, linked to its protective and defensive system.

Which means we're pretty stuck in a personality rut.

Man caught up in an endless fractal of his own operating system

Over the next few weeks, join me as we explore the nine 'operating systems' presented by the Enneagram. We'll delve into how understanding these systems can help us rediscover our authentic 'factory settings'—the way we were originally created to be.

The OS Metaphor

The Enneagram, a powerful personality system, identifies nine distinct personality types, each equipped with its own operating system. While we all share the same human hardware in terms of anatomy and basic structure, our software—comprising personality, perspective, and behaviour—varies significantly.

Man stuck in a pattern of behaviour

Your Enneagram type serves as your default operating system, influencing how you interact with the world. It determines your primary user interface and user experience. It also shapes the impressions others have of you. By gaining insights into your Enneagram type, you gain the ability to upgrade your user interface and transform your overall user experience.

“We see things not as they are, but as we are. Because it is the 'I' behind the 'eye' that does the seeing.” ― Anaïs Nin

Self-awareness is the key to optimising your operating system. Understanding your Enneagram type allows you to enhance your interactions with others, leading to substantial personal growth and fulfilment.

It's a journey toward realising and embracing your true self.

A young woman smiling

Once we acknowledge and comprehend our default operating system, we open the door to a profound journey of self-discovery and personal transformation.

And when we change, everything changes.

We'll explore each of the nine Enneagram types and map out strategies to return to your authentic self. 2024 is a great time to upgrade your soul and start living a deeply fulfilling life.

If you're keen to read a little more, see my previous posts.

Hoping you will join me on the journey ahead.

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