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May you be where your feet are in 2024.

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

"I wanna be where my feet are. I wanna breathe the life around me. I wanna listen as my heart beats right on time. I wanna be where my feet are..." ~ The Porter's Gate

Girl walking on a log in the woods. She is showing us what it means to be where my feet are.

A mini multiverse of madness

My constant struggle in 2023 was to be present. Like Super Mario trying to get to Princess Peach, the road was littered with cunning traps set by Bowser. Or in my case, my browser.

We live in a world where distractions have become a multi-billion dollar industry. It's paying for our attention. And ironically, we're not paying any attention. We're giving it freely.

My mini multiverse plays out on many fronts. Like I said, a digital one on my browser. I'm multiple things for many people in multiple capacities on many platforms...across various timezones. Makes the mind zoom.

Another front is the Ruins of Regret. My past is present to prevent me from being present. Woulda. Shoulda. Coulda. I find myself re-living an old timeline. Like a device without connection, constantly showing me a feed I've seen before. And yet, I regrettably keep looking at it.

Another front. My future. The Ashes of Anxiety. A dizzying landscape where different eventualities play themselves out over and over. Like Sisyphus - condemned to repeat the same task - hoping for a change. But, not. Work hard. Hustle. Hurry. Get that bolder up that hill. First thing. Every morning.

An AI generated image of Sisyphus pushing a bolder up a hill.
Sisyphus, hustling away

Another dimension of madness: Other's expectations. Do I even have to explain this? Hell no.

Which brings me to discovering the simplicity of being present. To notice. To smell. To hear. To touch and taste. To intuit. To imagine. To appreciate. To explore. To learn. To be thankful.

To laugh.

To love.

To breathe.

To be where my feet are.

May you and your loved ones experience joy and peace, and presence of Christ, the Ever-Present One with us, during this festive time. And may 2024 be a year of true presence and deep gratitude.

By the way, the quote at the top is from this song by The Porter's Gate. This song and their music has been a true inspiration to me this year. Thank me later ;)

Find your feet in 2024 - my gift to you

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