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Results Driven Coaching For Go-getters.
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An image of Emma Hogg, a previous coaching client of Lukas de Beer next to her testimonial and how coaching impacted her life and business.

"When I began working with Lukas, I had big dreams and was very frustrated because I had no clue how to reach them.


Lukas helped me to get clear on what it was I wanted to create. He helped me to prioritise what should come first, second and third. And he guided me to strategise my way there, consistently. The biggest thing Lukas did for me - he helped me to believe in myself and he cheered me on - every step of the way.


In just a few months, I had completely turned my life around and was well on my way towards my goals..."

Emma Hogg, Malta - founder, A Life I Choose

Get Results. Fast.

Results Coaching is about helping you achieve your desired outcome in a results-focused and purpose-driven way, backed by an inspiring and doable action plan.

Because we work laser-focused, we see results quickly.

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I'm Lukas de Beer.


I'm not a guru-coach. Just a regular family man, with over a decade of experience coaching go-getters like you - and helping them achieve great results.


I hold an MPhil in Management Coaching and worked as a Tony Robbins Results Coach.


Now, I run a boutique SmartCoaching practice, emphasising inner transformation before business success.


I'm also an Enneagram practitioner and a published author in the creative field. But, my top priority is my family, with 25 years of blissful marriage.


I'm here to guide you through life's journey, leveraging my expertise to help you succeed.


Let's make results happen for you.

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