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The Smartest Coaching Option. 
For smart people.
Like you.
Interactive, and
Able to share stuff.
Ditto for you.
Except, you're not a device.
But, like your device, I bet you too could do with a software update every now and then. Right?
Yes. Welcome to SmartCoacing.
(Uhm, yes! It's SmartCoaching!)
I know. It gets crazy sometimes. SmartCoaching is designed to manage the tension between your personal life demands and professional life expectations. Because let's face it - inevitably they collide.
Crash. Boom. Bang. 
IT'S (definitely) NOT LINEAR
Nothing natural is. SmartCoaching adapts. Like a plant. Finding and winding its way into the ground. And towards the light. So we too, spiral forward in life.

It's a dynamic journey.
This is an image of a mompreneur. A woman sitting at a table with her laptop open and drinking coffee. She enrolled for Smart Coaching with Lukas de Beer. Sometimes she feels overwhelmed by all her responsibilities at work and home. This is where coaching helped her to find perspective and ways to manage her emotional state in a beautiful way.
DESIGNED FOR(your not-so-normal) LIFE
Nope. You're not an island.
You're a CEO. An entrepreneur.
A kick-ass business owner.
And you're a mom.
And a dad.
Maybe both.
And a lover.
And a friend.
And things overlap.
And it gets a bit messy.
(And that's okay, too).
An image of a father who enrolled for Smart Coaching with Lukas de Beer sitting at a table with his two children. The father is a business owner and works from home. He has to manage his time effectively between his professional demands and personal responsibilities.
An image of Emma Hogg, a previous coaching client of Lukas de Beer next to her testimonial and how coaching impacted her life and business.

"When I began working with Lukas, I had big dreams and was very frustrated because I had no clue how to reach them.


Lukas helped me to get clear on what it was I wanted to create. He helped me to prioritise what should come first, second and third. And he guided me to strategise my way there, consistently. The biggest thing Lukas did for me - he helped me to believe in myself and he cheered me on - every step of the way.


In just a few months, I had completely turned my life around and was well on my way towards my goals..."

Emma Hogg, Malta - founder, A Life I Choose

"Coaching is a journey of self-discovery that enables individuals to find their own solutions to their own problems and challenges." - Michael Neill

THE ART OF LISTENING backed by neuroscience and strategy
Full Attention
The heart of coaching is listening. This undivided attention creates a trusting environment. When this happens, transformation happens.
Results Focused
We plan and strategise. Moving you from where you are in your life, to where you want to be -step by step.
Incisive Questioning
Quality questions lead to quality decisions. And consistent quality decisions lead to a quality life. The essence of coaching is questions.
Relaxed & Informal
We work from a beautiful state. Non-threatening, respectful, relaxed and conversational. And we get kick-ass results while we're at it. 



Expect a boost in your self-awareness. Also, a deeper understanding of your own thoughts and beliefs. Then, we identify the roadblocks holding you back. From there, we strategise to make a freeway to your goals.

Your coach is your thinking partner. Your sounding board. And a bit of a guide. We identify and challenge old patterns of thinking. After that, replace them with kick-ass empowering ones. So, anxious about balancing your personal and professional life? Or just feeling stuck? SmartCoaching will get you back on track.

Through a series of intentional conversations, we'll get crystal clear on what you really want in life. Coaching isn't therapy. But wow! It can be therapeutic! And it's not about digging into your past. It's about taking action. Moving forward.

In essence, SmartCoaching is about creating awareness of where you are and where you really want to be. And we do this with a plan and a strategy. 


Ready to start your journey? Good. 





I'm just a normal guy. With a family. Like you, still trying to figure things out in life.

But. I'm experienced. Over the past 12 years, I've coached thousands of hours helping hundreds of people move. From where they were - stuck. To where they wanted to be. 

From CEO's in Denmark to professional athletes in Australia, to stay-at-home-moms in the USA, to pilots in the UAE and high-income business owners in the UK - I've coached many people from diverse backgrounds around the world.


I hold a master's degree in Management Coaching from the University of Stellenbosch (Cape Town).


And this part was bitter-sweet. From 2017 - 2020 I was a Tony Robbins Results Coach, but a heart attack during the global lockdowns in May 2020 ended that. Yes. life is real. I live with the constant awareness not to take things for granted. 


So, I decided to start a boutique SmartCoaching practice in 2021. Only a few select clients. If you're still reading this, you'll probably be one of them. Smart!


Apart form my formal training I'm also an Enneagram practitioner and facilitator.

In 2016 I published Artrepreneur: A Field Guide For Creative Professionals and being an artist myself I'm co-owner of a film music production company, which focuses on film scoring and song production.

Like I said, I'm a family-man. This year I'll be celebrating 25 years with my beautiful wife (she's a doctor). We have three kids and live near Cape Town, South Africa.


"After each session, I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders, and I learned a lot about myself. Lukas’ calm approach made me feel comfortable sharing my work and life experiences.

During each session, he provided me with valuable tools and words of affirmation, which have helped me manage my stress and anxiety, set my boundaries, and make choices that are right for me.

The ideas and routines he helped me put in place have had a positive impact on both my work and personal life. I would recommend Lukas to anyone who is looking for some guidance and positive change."

Monika Krause, Cape Town - senior manager, WAPPoint

A picture of Monika Krause who enrolled for Smart Coaching with Lukas de Beer. This is next to her testimonial of how coaching helped her to set boundaries and make the right choices. It also helped her to manage her stress and anxiety in a positive way.

STILL NOT SURE? NO WORRIES. HERE'S SOME SCIENCE BEHIND IT. (a little something for the academically minded.)

Coaching is a super valuable tool. In fact, worldwide, millions of high-achieving, ass-kicking people like you, already realise it's their go-to option for reaching their goals. And, it's simply unbeatable when it comes to improving work life and personal life. 

Work related issue? Yes. One study found it has a positive impact on job satisfaction, employee engagement, and performance.

What about anxiety? You bet. It was found it helps to reduce stress and improve overall well-being.2

Think you're not tough enough? Think again! A 2019 study found that coaching can lead to significant improvements in resilience.3

Emotions, you ask? Sure. Coaching was found to lead to significant improvements in emotional intelligence.4

1. A study published in 2017 by Lane, Beehr, and Glyzewski entitled "The effectiveness of coaching in organizational settings: A meta-analysis" 

2. In 2020, Cavanagh, Wilson, and Faniran conducted a study called "The Impact of Executive Coaching on Self-Reported Stress and Well-being: A Longitudinal Study." 

3. "Coaching for Resilience: A Systematic Review of the Evidence Base" (2019) by C. A. Porath, J. P. Terzian, and T. E. Grossman.

4. "The effect of coaching on emotional intelligence: A systematic review and meta-analysis" (2021) by M. P. van der Meijden, G. J. Koene, and W. B. Schaufeli.

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