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Woundability. The Heart of Being Vulnerable

A wounded woman covering her heart with flowers.

What is Vulnerability anyway?

At its root vulnerability means being open to be wounded.

Woundability would also have been a good description of the word. From the Latin word vulnus, meaning “to bend or twist”.

At its core, vulnerability is a powerful and transformative quality that shapes our interactions and relationships. It’s the profound willingness to peel back the layers of our identity and share our innermost thoughts, feelings, and experiences with others. Vulnerability transcends the fear of judgment or rejection, inviting us to stand authentically before the world.

Vulnerability is not weakness; it’s a manifestation of courage. This willingness to be wounded in a world that often demands fortified emotional armour, is a remarkable feat. It involves being willing to embrace uncertainty, stepping into the unknown, and risking emotional discomfort.

In its essence, vulnerability is the foundation of authenticity. It’s about acknowledging our strengths and weaknesses, embracing imperfections, and choosing to be real rather than perfect. When we strip away the masks and facades we often wear, vulnerability is what remains — the unfiltered truth of who we are.

This connection goes beyond surface-level interactions; it touches the very heart of meaningful relationships.

The Heart of Being Vulnerable, is being open to being wounded.

Woundability is a bridge to genuine human connection. And having a vulnerable heart is a means of crossing that bridge. When we dare to show our woundability, we invite others to do the same. By sharing our struggles and fears, we create a safe space where empathy and understanding can flourish. This connection goes beyond surface-level interactions; it touches the very heart of meaningful relationships.

Vulnerability is a catalyst for personal growth. Stepping out of our comfort zones and opening ourselves to being wounded is an act of embracing change and transformation. It allows us to confront our fears and limitations, leading to self-discovery and empowerment. We confront our insecurities head-on, conquer them and emerge stronger.

It also fosters resilience. When we reveal our true selves, we brace for the storms of life in an authentic way. The authenticity born from vulnerability attracts like-minded people who appreciate us for who we are, and how we are.

A person dipping their toe in the water symbolising having the courage to take the risk of being vulnerable.

How to Embrace Woundability?

To remain open to be wounded takes tremendous courage. And it’s a journey, requiring patience, self-awareness, and practice.

Dip Your Toe. Begin with small shares. Your thoughts and emotions. And do it with those you trust. Gently stretch your comfort zone as your confidence in vulnerability grows.

Face Your Fears. There will be many. Understand that these concerns are natural and rooted in our innate longing for belonging. Approach them with kindness, knowing that vulnerability is a wellspring of inner strength. You can even personify these fears as messengers, and ask them what message they’d like to convey. Hear the message. Evaluate it. Then respond.

Nurture Patience. It’s a gradual journey. Allow relationships to evolve naturally and deepen over time. Not everyone will immediately reciprocate vulnerability, so nurture patience as trust blossoms. But the key concept here: trust. Like respect, it cannot be forced.

Be Present. As you open yourself up, immerse yourself fully in the present moment. Normally, we’re either caught up in the past or anxious about the future. Gratitude is a sure-fire way to anchor us in the present. Appreciation keeps us there.

Vulnerability summons in us the courage to be authentic, the willingness to embrace change, and the foundation of genuine human connection. By allowing ourselves to be open to being wounded, we embark on a journey toward deeper connections.

Be real in relationships and be in real relationships.

I’d love to hear how you were summoned to be courageous by being vulnerable. Please feel free to share your experience.

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